Sirens Collection - Ceto Amulet

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Are you fierce about the protection of the sea and all that’s in it? Then this pendant is for you, named after Ceto the Greek Goddess of  dangers of the ocean and sea monsters, I like to think of her rising up to protect all that’s around her.

As you wear it you will be honouring all that is in the sea and a reminded to release your inner Ceto in response to all that threatens our majestic oceans and all that she holds.

The Ceto Amulet has been made by casting directly from a stunningly intricate natural crab claw collected on a Cornish beach and has had a sympathetic bail with granules, reminiscent of the minutiae we find around rock pool added to it.

This piece has been made in sterling silver and then smothered in luxurious 24k gold plating that has that wonderful morning glow of the sun.

Layers up effortlessly with other Sirens Amulets of your choice  💫