Why to join a Jewellery Workshop!

My first love is making jewellery, my second is passing this skill onto others. I feel strongly that the benefits of attending a workshop and learning a new skill, particularly a creative one has deep benefits for mental well-being and can be a wonderful panacea for an otherwise hectic and largely digital existence. 

I’ve found over the years of running creative workshops that people share that their mood has been very positively affected and it has led me to thinking about the importance of trying new things and learning new skills. 

Research has shown that learning new skills is great for mental well-being. It tends to raise self esteem and confidence and as a result can be a wonderful mood booster. Not only this, it‘s also likely to encourage us to try new things in the future.

Think of a workshop as a holiday for the brain ✨

It can help to reduce stress levels by taking us out of our normal environment;  and by occupying our brains with an unknown skill, the brain is forced to focus on this and not on our normal daily worries and unhelpful, negative thought patterns. 

The connections between neurones in the brain are plastic, and therefore are open to change. By learning a new skill, you start creating new pathways in your brain and are therefore beginning to ensure better brain health for the future. 

I work really hard @isshocornwall to create an inclusive, warm and creative atmosphere to run my workshops from and I really hope this translates when people attend them! 

I’m happy to teach people in a way that works for them, so please, let me know if how I’m teaching doesn’t work for you. I truly want everyone that enters my studio in Truro to leave feeling just a little bit better.

So, what do you say, ready to book a holiday for the brain in the form of a Jewellery Making Workshop?